The ABC’s of Beauty

A - Always use a heat protectant before your blow out B - Be consistent with your regimen for max results C - Clean your makeup brushes weekly with soap and water D- Do highlight and contour between 2-3 shades from your skin tone and blend E - Exfoliate your lips with sugar and jojoba… Continue reading The ABC’s of Beauty


3 Best Tools To Detangle Hair

  I get asked the question all the time from new naturals to naturals with new length, how do I detangle my hair?    Starting with a clean slate or should I say a conditioned state is always best. You should never try to comb or brush coils in their natural dry state. Mist your… Continue reading 3 Best Tools To Detangle Hair


How To Clean Your Makeup Kit

Are you one of those people that put off cleaning your makeup brushes or kit?  Have you had mascara for 3 months? Are you breaking out and don't know why? Well guess what it's time to get rid of that old stuff and clean your kit.  When to throw out old makeup    Keeping old foundations,… Continue reading How To Clean Your Makeup Kit


Stop Heat Damage With These 3 Heat Protectors.

   Is it time for that blow out, silk press, or just simply called a flat iron?    Before you get started with flowing hair, whether you are doing it yourself or someone else, protect your hair with a heat protectant. Heat protectors or thermal protectors, are made to protect your hair against the high heat… Continue reading Stop Heat Damage With These 3 Heat Protectors.


How to paint your dresser

    This is was a huge diy project for me but I gave it a go anyway. With a lot of research on paint types and how to's, I painted a dresser that I previously had to go in my baby boy's nursery. His main colors for his room is dark blue, light blue, grey, and white.… Continue reading How to paint your dresser


The best of Shea moisture

I've been using Shea moisture products since I've been natural which has been about 6 n 1/2 years and I have mixed reviews on this brand of products. I started using the coconut hibiscus line and later tried the Jamaican black castor oil line for my hair. I have also extended into their bodycare line and… Continue reading The best of Shea moisture


Top Cheap Makeup Brands

I use a variety of product brands from expensive to cheap, but I wanted to give a little insight on some of my favorite cheap/ drugstore brands that are good quality and which products I use. Elf I have to start with elf. I love this brand. I've used the cream eyeliner, which I use… Continue reading Top Cheap Makeup Brands