My 9th Month Pregnancy Update

** This post was supposed to be done before i was induced, but time got a little tight so here it goes**    I'm done with my 9th month of pregnancy yayy and have had my little man. I found out the week before i was due my baby was about 8lbs so they induced me. I… Continue reading My 9th Month Pregnancy Update


10 Ways To Relax

   After a long day at work, the only thing i want to do is come home and relax.     It's so important to take even just 1 hour for yourself to unwind and distress. Sometimes we can get so caught up with everything we have to do and forget about ourself. I had to remember… Continue reading 10 Ways To Relax


Why i started blogging

 Starting a blog has been something I've thought about for a while now, but never actually did. I wanted to do something where i could talk about the things i loved and were passionate about, while being able to achieve some of my goals. Now that i was expecting my little one i felt this… Continue reading Why i started blogging