How To Create Your Skincare Routine

   I was back and forth about writing this post because i felt like there are so many post out there already about skincare routines.  I wanted this post to be helpful to someone thinking about a new skincare routine or changing something within their current regimen. So im not going to share my regimen but help you determine how to create your own.
The basics
   First you should have a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer that is used twice a day. Cleanser is to remove any dirt and oil from the skin. Toners are made to restore the skins ph level, which helps to prevent acne. Last but not least, moisturizers are to hydrate the skin.
The extra
   Second you’ll need a mask to use once a week. A mask helps to remove white/black heads and any dirt hiding in your pores.
   Exfoliators slought away dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth. These can be used 1-2 a week.
   Cleansing brushes are used to give your face a deep clean and can be used with any cleanser. These are great to have. I use one i got from cvs and love it!
   People with oily skin should not stay away from oils as it will help regulate your own skins oil production.
   Are you having trouble trying to figure out what kind of skin you have? After cleansing your face at night, going to sleep, then waking up, how is your skin (normal, oily, dry)? Well thats what type of skin you have.
   As some of you may already know from previous posts i make my own natural 3-1 facial cleanser. I love it and have been using it for a while now. This for me is the best product I’ve ever used for my face.  So if some of you are thinking of incorporating natural ingredients into your skincare routine here are a few tips to get you started.
>   Jojoba oil is a great oil to start with because it is the closest to your skins natural oil.
>   Lemons or lemon oil is a good from fading dark spots and is a ph regulator.
>   Oatmeal has saponins which help cleanse and moisturize skin.
>   Coffee can be used a mask or exfoliator to minimize lines.
>   Milk and Yogurt have lactic acid which is good for controling acne while smoothing the skin.
>   Charcoal pulls toxins out of the pores. This can be used in a cleanser or a mask.

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