3 Best Tools To Detangle Hair

  I get asked the question all the time from new naturals to naturals with new length, how do I detangle my hair?
   Starting with a clean slate or should I say a conditioned state is always best. You should never try to comb or brush coils in their natural dry state. Mist your hair or wet it down, section, and apply some conditioner. This softens the hair making it more managable, also stopping unnecessary breakage/ damage. Damage to your hair doesn’t have to come from chemicals, you can also have physical damage which can be cause by pulling and tension on the hair.
   Ok now you have softened the hair and ready for detangling. You might wonder what is the best tools to use for the best results and minimal damage. Here are a list of 3 of my favorite tools to use.
1. Fingers
Using your fingers to detangle is one of the best tools you can use. I find it best to finger detangle while your hair is wet, like while in the shower under continuous running water. This is one of my favorite ways.
2. Denman Brush
Denman brushes have fine teeth making it easy to detangle hair in less time. You can use whether hair is wet or damp. If your hair is very tangled you may want to use one of the other tools first as this tool works best with minimal tangles.
3. Wide tooth comb
Wide tooth combs are great to use on wet or damp hair and can be used on any texture of hair.
Which tools do you find more useful? Let me know in the comment box below.


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