Stop Heat Damage With These 3 Heat Protectors.

   Is it time for that blow out, silk press, or just simply called a flat iron?
   Before you get started with flowing hair, whether you are doing it yourself or someone else, protect your hair with a heat protectant. Heat protectors or thermal protectors, are made to protect your hair against the high heat temperatures of flat irons. Even if you are someone who blow drys your hair a lot without the flat iron still may be a good idea to use a heat protector. It’s not just about saving your curl pattern. When hair gets damaged it changes the texture and porosity levels (ability to absorb moisture). Use protectors while hair is still wet, blow dry, then flat iron.
   So here are some of my favorite heat protectors to use:
   IC is a thermal protectant oil I used in the beginning of my natural hair journey. I felt it worked great but rather use a spray. I never had a problem with my hair being oily from this product.
Thermal oils vs. Spray
   To me sprays are better only because I don’t have to worry about using to much and weighing the hair down or not using enough and still having damage. That’s just my personal opinion.
   Hair should not be blown out more than every 2-3 weeks. Doing so can damage your hair. If your hair gets damaged and easy way to tell is your curl pattern will be more loose than it was originally or even bone straight. Make sure you wrap your hair every night and when in the shower to prevent your blow out from reverting back to its natural state.

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