The Only New Year’s Resolutions You Need

   Are you one of those people that make such a big deal out of new years resolutions, only to keep it for 3 months then forget about it?
   Well stop making a new years resolution and putting stress on yourself. Instead think of the goal you want then make a few smaller ones to build on and get you to where you want to be. And why are we waiting for a new year to tell us now we can start working towards that goal….. No start today, not tomorrow, and not January 1st.
  If I had to choose a resoultions for myself it would be to accomplish eveything i set out to this year. I have a couple of goals I would like to accomplish and i am already working on them. One of course is my blog, Bliss Journeys, building it and a few others that hopefully I will share at a later date!
New years resolutions & Mini goal setting
   Start here, grab a piece of paper, and write down your answers to these few questions? Tips for answering these questions: make your how to’s measurable (something you can see or count). Example: goal is to become fit and eat healthy this year.
6 months – going on 2 mile runs, have meals planned for the week, eat clean meals
How – working out 5 days a week, having a cheat meal or snack once a day, drinking more water
3 months – going on 2 mile walks, replacing bad snacks with healthy snacks, loose fat and gain more muscle tone
How – working out for 45 mins 3 days a week, take body pics every month, eating 100g of protein per day
 >  What is it you want to do or accomplish this year?
>   In 6 months where do you need to be?
 >  What are you doing to get you to your 6 month goal?
>   In 3 months where do you need to be?
>   What are you doing to get you to your 3 month goal?
   Make sure you check back in every few months or as often as you need to stay motivated!
   Setting mini goals when trying to reach your overall goal is imperative. It not only keeps you on track but it helps you to think what you should be doing each week or month to get you closer to that end goal. Let’s make 2018 that year we stop saying this year I’m finally going to do this and finally get it done.

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