How to paint your dresser

  This is was a huge diy project for me but I gave it a go anyway. With a lot of research on paint types and how to’s, I painted a dresser that I previously had to go in my baby boy’s nursery. His main colors for his room is dark blue, light blue, grey, and white. So i chose light grey rustoleum chalk paint with black pulls. Ok so let’s get started.
Sandpaper optional
Rust o leum chalk paint (aged grey)
Sponge roller
Little paint brush if you have creases like my dresser
Paper plate
Knobs/ pulls
Water bucket
  Take the drawers out and remove the pulls.
  I got a fine grit sandblock just to go over my dresser. This is completely optional. I’ve read some article where people say they used it because their furniture was glossy and want to remove the gloss a little. Some say don’t  use anything. But I chose to try to remove a little gloss before hand.
  Start painting!! I did the first coat and waited about an hour before painting the second coat. The paint drys really fast you probably don’t need a full hour.  Also the can says 1 coat, but it wasn’t fully covered after 1 so I did another coat. After 2 coats the coverage and matte finish looked great!
  Add your pulls and you are done.


All together this project took me most of the day to do, but it was very easy to do. I did stop a few times doing other things so it may not take you as long. I’m overall happy with the results and would use this paint again.


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