How to get free baby stuff

  Preparing for a new baby especially your first baby can be a little nerve racking. Trying to make sure you have all the things your little one needs, what products you want to use, which diapers, etc. If you are like me you may want to stock pile and try to save a few bucks. Another great way to do that and to try different items is free baby samples just for starting a registry. I have done 4 baby registries, 2 were my actual registries and 2 were to get free welcome gifts.
  The first 2 were Target and Wal-Mart, and my other ones were Buy Buy Baby and Amazon. The only place I didn’t get a free gift was Wal-Mart, which I could have done a baby box and paid $5 for shipping. I just chose not to do that one. Here is what I got from each.
Go in the store they have a little tablet area set up to register or you can ask an employee where it is if you dont see it. Then they give you a free gift bag and the scanner to add items.
Avent natural bottle
Aveeno baby lotion
Pampers 6 wipes 1 newborn diaper
Babyganics 2 size 1 diapers
Honest co 2 size 1 diapers it was supposed to also include 10 wipes but didnt
Dove baby wash
Nuk pacifier 0-6m
Mam pacifier newborn
2017-12-03 12.39.40 4.jpg
Buy buy baby
I did this one online but you can do it in the store. If you do it online just go in the store, tell them you have registered online and you want the gift bag. They will pull up your registry to verify.
Pampers skin therapy oil
Shea moisture baby wash and lotion
Mam pacifier newborn
Aquaphor baby skin protestant
Mommy’s bliss gripe water for colic, fussiness, and hiccups
Blue lizard baby sunscreen
2017-12-03 12.39.40 3.jpg
1st become a Amazon prime member it’s free for 30 days so if you don’t want it then cancel before the time runs out. You get 2 free gifts. The first one is a bonus. When you do a Amazon registry you get to choose 1 free gift from about 6 products. I chose a pack of 4 baby sippy cups.
After you create a registry make a $10 purchase then you will qualify for welcome box.
Huggies size 1 20 pack diapers
Swaddle blanket
Avent nipple pads 2 packs day and night
Dreft purtouch 3 packs
Honest co 2 size 1 diapers 10 wipes
Babyganics 2 size 1 diapers
Bloom baby 1 wipe
Dove baby wash
Water wipes 10 wipes
Little me 1 onesie
Soothing repair balm
Vichy skin booster
Liberal revitalift
Seventh generation
   Coconut care lotion
   Free and clear 2 wipes
   Free and clear 2 laundry packs
   Free and clear 2 diapers
2017-12-03 12.39.39 2.jpg
 Hope this helps mamas to be. Go get your free products!

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