The best of Shea moisture

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I’ve been using Shea moisture products since I’ve been natural which has been about 6 n 1/2 years and I have mixed reviews on this brand of products. I started using the coconut hibiscus line and later tried the Jamaican black castor oil line for my hair. I have also extended into their bodycare line and used the oil, green tea, and avocado body wash.
  My hair is a 4a/4b in texture and color treated. So I really need moisture moisture moisture and something to really help keep my hair strong. Since I am a blonde by using lightener this is very important for my hair along with some other things like regimen and styling.
Coconut shampoo n conditioner
These 2 for me was just not what I needed for my hair. It left my hair dry. It wasn’t as soft. It just didn’t give my hair the moisture, softness, and overall manageability I was looking for. The smell was nice though.
Coconut smoothie and gel souffle
The smoothie smells great. I used this sometimes when I was doing a twist/braid out or a twist/braid style just to add more moisture and I felt it worked good for my hair. It left it soft, no flakes, and mixed well with other products.
The gel souffle smells great as well. All of these smells the same. I am back and forth with this product. I only like this product if I am doing a twist/braid updo this is because this leaves my hair wet for soooo long, which is great. I feel like it takes my hair so long to dry so doing this on a wash n go or twist out is going to make my hair frizz because it will still be damp. I feel like it doesn’t define my hair as well as I would like. My hair needs a heavy gel because my curls are so tight and to me this is a light gel.
Jamaican black castor oil shampoo and leave in
I lovvveeee this line!!!! This line has worked wonders for my hair. I can use the leave in whether I am curly or straight and it doesn’t leave it greasy but adds the right amount of moisture. My hair is so soft and healthy. I’ve had less breakage so to my this product does what it says strengthen and restore!! I also like the way this smells. I think the coconut smells better but this has a nice fragrance as well.
I love this products as well. I think this is one of the best body washes that I’ve used. My skin is dry and this body wash really leaves my skin soft and moisturized. The smell is great and it stays on you throughout the day. With that being said it doesn’t have a strong perfume smell, but does have a light soft smell.
 I almost didn’t want to try anything else from there line after i used the coconut line but I did and I’m so glad. That just goes to show you even though 1 thing may not work within a line doesn’t mean something else wont. Also really understanding your hair and what it needs is important.

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