3 Protective natural hairstyles

With winter quickly approaching im sure protective styles are on everyone’s mind who has natural hair. If you are like me and time gets a little thin, sometimes we are looking for something quick and easy to do. I’ve found a few quick and easy protective hair styles to get you through the winter, but first I want to mention why they are so important in the first place.
Protective styles does just what it says protects. Protects your hair from the weather and daily manipulation. This is when all of your hair is put into a style including the ends for days or weeks. Protective styles help to prevent hair breakage and split ends. When doing these styles make sure your hair is cleaned whether its with a shampoo or co wash and conditioned. Use a good moisturizer and sealing oil, something to keep your hair moisturized longer. Then it’s time to style. Here are 3 easy protective styles.
Instagram @lipstickncurls
YouTube @thechicnatural
This style may be a little difficult for some to do this on themselves. Leave the top twisted to protect the ends.
More tips on maintaining natural hair here!

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