Top Cheap Makeup Brands

I use a variety of product brands from expensive to cheap, but I wanted to give a little insight on some of my favorite cheap/ drugstore brands that are good quality and which products I use.


I have to start with elf. I love this brand. I’ve used the cream eyeliner, which I use as a brow filler as well. I use their mascara, blush palette, and have used a few brushes. The products work great for the looks I am trying to achieve. They are long lasting and pigmented. The brushes while you can tell they are on the cheaper end I still like them and use certain ones occasionally.
Black opal
I have been using their foundation sticks for years and I love them. They are so easy to use and are great full coverage foundations. Because the colors are off a little, it’s more yellow than my skin tone, I use it as a concealer under my foundation and it’s works great.
Revlon colorstay foundation has been in my kit for a long time. I use the oily skin one which is suitable for my skin and I think it matches my summer skin well. In the winter I have to do a little adjusting as my skin gets a little lighter. It is medium/ buildable coverage.
I think this product applies well, has a smooth finish and last when set.
Nyx has some great products. I currently use their eyeshadow base, lip liners, and lip gloss. I like their glosses they have different ones some are great coverage and some are tinted glosses. The only thing is with the butter gloss they are very thick and sticky.  I really like the liners, they have great coverage and apply smooth. In my opinion  I have in the past used their concealer and I felt it wasn’t as full coverage as I would be liked. If you aren’t trying to cover something with dark pigmentation then you may love it. Idk maybe it’s just me…
Milani And Wet n Wild
Im doing these 2 together mostly because from milani and wet n wild i use a lot of their lipsticks. And I really like them. One of my go to lip looks is by using a milani lipstick! I’ve also tried milani blush, they are about light/medium pigment.

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