10 things you didn’t know about me

Guess what today is??? IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!! Toddidn’t ay I turn 28 years old so it’s all about me. I put together a little list of 10 things you don’t know about me.
Here we go:
1.  Fav perfume
Incredible by Victoria secret
Sad to say but I think Victoria secret has stopped making this product, but there may be a few other local place that still sell it.
2. Fav thing to do
Spend time with loved ones
Talk about makeup
I know boring right but oh well I am a home body so this is what I enjoy.
3. 1 thing I want to do
Swim with dolphins
I think this would be so fun to do.
4. Places I would love to travel
Australia and greece I have seen these place on tv and through pictures and have been wanting to visit ever since. I would love to see their culture, the beautiful views, and animals. I think it would be an amazing trip.
5. Fav color
Blush pink
6. 1 of my goals
Open my salon. I am a cosmetologist, I do hair and makeup, and it has been a dream of mine to open my own salon one day. And I pray that one day this dream becomes my reality.
7. My perfect night
My perfect night would consist of a good home cooked meal for me and the man in my life, a glass or two of wine, ending cuddled up on the couch or bed watching a movie.
8. Fav food
I lovvvee pasta!! Like it think I’m either half Italian or I have problem lol. Seriously can eat some type pasta probably every other night.
9. Buy it or diy
Diy Lately I’ve been trying to tap into my home diy side and try to make things myself. Mostly it’s been the baby stuff which i will show in later post because some aren’t finished yet.
10. Ask me something you would like to know.
Since I couldn’t think of a number 10, I thought it would be a fun idea to have you guys ask me your number 10 in the comment box below.

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