Bentonite clay mask

I’ve been trying to be on this natural face cleansing process for a while and have been doing really good. I have used many otc products that always seemed to have some effect that I didn’t like. Either it didn’t work or it  worked to well and made my face red/ irritated. So I came up with my own facial cleanser and later found the bentonite clay mask. I’ve been using this mask for a few weeks now and so far so good. I wanted to go ahead a talk about how my experience has been using this clay.
What is it used for?
Bentonite clay mask pulls toxins out of the body, removes dirt from your pores, shrinks pores, controls oil production, and removes dead skin cells. It also has been known to help with scars.
First, I use it in either a plastic or ceramic bowl, just as long as it’s not metal. You can’t mix it with or in anything metal. I use applecider vinegar instead of water, that’s just my preference, and mix about 1:1. I apply with my hands, but you can use a little brush. It gets so tight on your face when it dries, which take about 10 min with the vinegar. It may take a little longer to dry if you use water. After this you can rinse it off.
 So far this has been something I’ve added to my skincare regime and have really liked using this product. This clay can also be used on your hair but I have not yet tried it on my hair. I’m not sure if I will but if I do I will of course make a post.

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