My 4th month pregnancy update

My 4th month journey has been different from my first trimester. Luckily I was in the group where my nausea stopped, thank God, I got my energy back, and was able to eat more. I have even been back to the gym and going for walks. I used to go to the gym about 2-3 times a week and once for walks before I got pregnant, so it was nice to be back. Also since I’ve been steady with my workouts I have not had any hip pains this month! On another note I have been having spells on dizziness and feeling faint. I’ve just been taking it easy when I get that feeling. I looked it up (yes google) and it seems to be normal due to the larger blood vessels during pregnancy.
  I had been using baby oil with Shea butter on my stomach and whipped Shea, which is a mixture I make, until about a week ago. I recently bought bio-oil and switched to that the last week. My reviews so far is that it’s not greasy but it’s not long lasting to me either. My skin has been very dry so ive been applying the oil 2-3 times a day vs. 2 times when I was using the baby oil and whipped Shea. I will keep you updated on if I continue or change back.
  This month I have started looking at daycare online in the area just making a list to actually go look at possible in my 6th month. I’ve also been making a list of items I want on my registry and starting my pregnancy book. Im so excited to start my scrapbook.
Sweets and light/healthy things like sandwiches, fruit, salad
Body changes
Getting a bump, very dry skin
Doing the rubber band method, but did go shopping for maternity pants (haven’t worn them yet)
Energy, eating more, slight weird taste after eating
Belly button
Still in
Other none

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