My top 3 natural hair products

Everyone has their fav products they love to use on their hair and so do i. Ive been natural for 6 years and have become somewhat of a product junkie. I think that just comes along with being natural. Your hair changes so much when you make that change. Not only just from relaxed to natural but when you’re transitioning, long vs short, and style vs style.
I am about a 4a hair type. I also love color so ive been every color red there is (red red, red copper, red violet) you name it I’ve had it. And now im blonde which i love. I’ve also cut my hair a few times nothing major just a few inches because of the color and damage from the lightener and dryness. So making sure I have enough moisture is huge for my hair.
 So here are 3 of my go to products that I use in most styles and to prep for those styles.
 These 2 products alone have worked wonders for my hair, like transformed it. Its so soft and moisturized. I love these 2. Whether I’m natural or have a blow out it works and doesn’t leave it greasy or dry.
Eco styler castor oil
 This works as a great styler for me since my hair is so curly i need something heavy to define my curls.
These are not the only products I use but I feel like most times I do my hair they are included and work great on my hair.

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