How To Create Your Skincare Routine

   I was back and forth about writing this post because i felt like there are so many post out there already about skincare routines.  I wanted this post to be helpful to someone thinking about a new skincare routine or changing something within their current regimen. So im not going to share my regimen but… Continue reading How To Create Your Skincare Routine


The ABC’s of Beauty

A - Always use a heat protectant before your blow out B - Be consistent with your regimen for max results C - Clean your makeup brushes weekly with soap and water D- Do highlight and contour between 2-3 shades from your skin tone and blend E - Exfoliate your lips with sugar and jojoba… Continue reading The ABC’s of Beauty


My 9th Month Pregnancy Update

** This post was supposed to be done before i was induced, but time got a little tight so here it goes**    I'm done with my 9th month of pregnancy yayy and have had my little man. I found out the week before i was due my baby was about 8lbs so they induced me. I… Continue reading My 9th Month Pregnancy Update


3 Best Tools To Detangle Hair

  I get asked the question all the time from new naturals to naturals with new length, how do I detangle my hair?    Starting with a clean slate or should I say a conditioned state is always best. You should never try to comb or brush coils in their natural dry state. Mist your… Continue reading 3 Best Tools To Detangle Hair


How To Clean Your Makeup Kit

Are you one of those people that put off cleaning your makeup brushes or kit?  Have you had mascara for 3 months? Are you breaking out and don't know why? Well guess what it's time to get rid of that old stuff and clean your kit.  When to throw out old makeup    Keeping old foundations,… Continue reading How To Clean Your Makeup Kit


Stop Heat Damage With These 3 Heat Protectors.

   Is it time for that blow out, silk press, or just simply called a flat iron?    Before you get started with flowing hair, whether you are doing it yourself or someone else, protect your hair with a heat protectant. Heat protectors or thermal protectors, are made to protect your hair against the high heat… Continue reading Stop Heat Damage With These 3 Heat Protectors.


My Fitness Inspiration

   Since starting my fitness journey a little over 3 years ago, I have been Google and YouTube crazy filling my head with knowledge.    Over the years my biggest goal was to gain weight like 20 pounds because I've always been a skinny girl. I have had ups and downs, gain a couple of pounds lose… Continue reading My Fitness Inspiration